R&G – Export B.V. is a wholesale business in trees and plants destined for gardens, parks and scenery.

Business localisation
One of the Netherlands’ most important and modern horticulture centres is the area around Boskoop. R&G - Export is situated in the middle of this horticulture region and consists of a spacious, modern repository, an office block and an attractive presentation garden. Thanks to the extremely favourable conditions of business location and modern equipment, our working method is highly efficient.      

Business history
The exportation company R&G – Export B.V. is the result of a merger between Rosbergen & Grootendorst. Both companies have extensive experience in the tree nursery branch, thus providing our wholesale business with solid horticultural roots. 
We feel very strongly about skills and commitment to quality. Moreover, our efficient company logistics enables us to pick, pack and prepare placed orders for expedition in a professional manner.

Company logistics
Our company focuses on tracing&tracking.
Plants are delivered in the supply hall and provided with their unique bar codes. The plants’ categorical authenticity and its quality are verified (dimensions and visual health). Upon approval, they will be scanned, after which the plant orders are placed and packed according to category and client. Plants can be packed on Danish trolleys (CC's), or, if the category’s fragility allows such, in boxes or on pallets. Then the packed units are scanned once again. Each unit is provided with an overview stating the content of that unit and the concerned clients’ addresses. On a so-called shortage list there is mention of the actions still to be taken with respect to the order in question. If the shortage list is signed for approval, the invoice is processed and the order will be prepared for expedition. Only professional expedition companies may transport R&G - Export products. In case clients wish to have an EAN bar code stating the final consumer price labelled on their orders, we have installed a separate processing line.
Both the quality of the plants and the employees’ working conditions benefit from this tight organisation in the repository.

Clients and the market
During the course of 90 years, Rosbergen & Grootendorst B.V., going by the name of R&G – Export B.V. since 2002, has built its clientele in 10 European countries and even beyond these boundaries. We take pride in the good relationship we maintain with our clients. Like our clients, we have evolved with the market and are we able to anticipate accurately on market developments. Whether the key issue is the products’ quality, its presentation or labelling at the selling point, the products conditioning (cooling amongst others) or logistics, improvement will remain our prior focus.

The main supplier of R&G – Export B.V.’s merchandise is the Netherlands. To this effect, we visit numerous tree nurseries in anticipation of the new season. This also allows us to offer a varied range of trees and plants which can answer to the demand in the best possible way. 
Remarkable products are given the attention they merit. At exhibitions and client visits, these products are put in the spotlights. Thus a grower is guaranteed to rely on tailor made product promotion and sales.  

Service and advice
The market is always fluctuating.
These dynamics can be retrieved in the service and advice we supply to our clients. R&G – Export B.V. disposes of a wealth of experience which enables us to anticipate on market changes. We also persist in investing in our level of knowledge in order to provide service and advice to our clients and suppliers.

A name to remember is our pay off that represents a solid relation with clients and suppliers. R&G- Export B.V.: a name to remember that stands out and unites product and personal contact.